Strenov Produkter ApS was established in 1952 and is today especially well known for chemical-technical products for metal surface treatment.

Our two main product areas are:
  • Chemicals and systems for metal surface treatment (e.g. steel and aluminium).
  • Lubricants (spray, oil and grease).
Our products include:
Degreasers, alkaline etch degreasers, copper stabilizers, accelerators, alorga colours, analysis solutions, etching additives, pickling agents and additives, deoxidizers, colour complete solutions, sealing and pre-sealing additives, polishing baths, chromates, anodizers, odour removers, LZE-additives, pH corrective agents, Recychrom, anti-foaming agents, foam boosters, stabilising agents, acid mixtures, Tin(II)-sulphates, cleaning and carings agents and also lubricants in the form of oil, spray, and grease.

The above products are supplied by: CHEMAL GmbH & Co. and BiRAL Lubricants Norway A.S

We communicate in English and German!
Strenov Produkter ApS
Kongevejen 213
DK-2830 Virum
Tlf: +45 45 95 07 00
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